Page the First of the Chronicles of Brother Gilbert of Glockenspur

Brother-Gilbert-HeaderGreetings, traveler! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Brother Gilbert of Glockenspur. Over my years of travel, I have had the distinguished privilege of following along with many esteemed warriors, scholars, sorcerers, thieves, and poets, from one side of this world to the other side of the next, and back again! This treasury of texts is a compilation of their adventures, told as only I can tell them, in all their grandiose splendor without any unnecessarily exaggerated details.

Creation is a vast world of untold treasure, unimaginable monsters, unsung heroes, and dynasties that rise and fall with the tides. It is an Age of Sorrows, and to those gods, spirits, and immortals old enough to remember, it is a dim reminder of the glory that was once the First Age, before the Solar Deliberative was expunged, shattering the natural order of things and rippling through Creation in a way that is still felt today. But there is a light on the horizon, the dawn of an age that may yet be again.

In the tomes that follow, may you find a source of aid and inspiration to you and your fellow travelers. I shall do my best to continually serve you with an extensive array of tips, charts, maps of various locals, and abbreviated-indexes that should prove truly handy throughout your adventure. I’ve also written a thorough, statistical analysis and biography on some of the more well known heroes of our time, including some of the artifacts they’re best known for, and any famous companions, pets, or familiars with whom they are known to keep company. I’ve also included some traveling music for your enjoyment.

So, which tale would you like to hear first?